OEM 21" BMW Style 612 X5 X6 M Wheels w/Michelin Tires

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Up for sale is a set of OEM 21" BMW Style 612M wheels with Michelin tires. Original, OEM BMW wheels - not replicas. 

Wheels retail new from BMW for over $1400 each ($5600 for the set of 4). 
- 2015-19 BMW X5M (F85 chassis)
- 2015-19 BMW X6M (F86 chassis)
- Fitment on vehicles other than those listed above would be at buyer's own risk. 
- Will not fit newer X5/X6 with 5x112 bolt pattern (G05/G06 chassis).
- Wheels will fit on non-M F15/F16 X5 or X6, but will protrude out from vehicle due to more aggressive sizing/offsets. 

Wheel Specs:
- Front: 21x10 BMW ET40; Part no. 36112284652
- Rear: 21x11.5 ET38; BMW 36112284653
- 5x120 bolt pattern
- 74.1 mm center bore

One front wheel is slightly out of round on the backside. Wheel shows a bit of runout when spun at speed but holds balance fine (see video of wheel spinning). Remaining 3 wheels are within acceptable specs for runout. All 4 wheels are free of cracks or welds. 

Cosmetically wheels are an 8/10 overall. Wheels have not been refinished, but all 4 show some minor touchup work. Some areas that previously had minor curb rash have been ground smooth and touched up with silver paint. Touched up areas are difficult to spot unless under close inspection, they differ slightly in color and texture. One wheel still shows some minor curb rash. Some small scuffs, scratches and nicks throughout. Inner wheel barrels show some minor brake dust/dirt residue. 

Tire Specs:
- Michelin Pilot Super Sport (BMW //M Star-spec tires)
- Front: 285/35ZR21 
- Rear: 325/30ZR21

Tires are Michelin Pilot Super Sports with 2022 date codes. All 4 hold air. Front tires show between 6-7/32" of remaining tread, but one front tire is more worn towards the outer shoulder and shows 3-4/32" in this area. Uneven wear is likely due to bad vehicle alignment. Rear tires show approximately 5/32" of remaining tread. One tire has a gouge in the tread surface but this is a cosmetic defect on the surface only, tire is not punctured. 

Tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS) included, but only verified to work with F85/F86 X5M or X6M models. 

BMW center caps included. 

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